The Place Where it All Happens.

November 17, 2008 at 6:24 pm (Uncategorized)

The thing about inspiration is that you never know where you are going to find it. Or if.

For me, inspiration has always been something free and easy to come by, often found on the surface of the most ordinary things. That is, until last year.

Maybe I should have seen it coming, maybe signs were glaringly obvious and staring me right in the face. For someone whose words have always flowed out of them like a river in flood, not having the words or the ideas was implausible. Of course they would come. Of course I would wake up one day with the script already half written, events recorded and memorialized. Life, documented and journaled, just how I like it to be.

That day never came, and neither did the words. It’s not that the events did not take place, and it’s not that they didn’t need carefully chosen adjectives to justify their existence. They did, and still do. Life goes on, whether we chronicle it or not.

As I sit here, in the Little Log Cabin on this November day, I wait for those words. I wait for the satisfaction of not just thinking of events in terms of how I would write about them, but I am holding out for the feeling of being inspired. Of being consumed by the need to express that feeling–so much so that the words come faster than the thoughts, that the keys can’t keep up and I am left slightly dizzy from the effort.

I am true believer in new beginnings. There is so much inspiration outside my window, within these walls, inside myself. Finding it isn’t what is difficult. Truly seeing it for what it is is the hard part.


1 Comment

  1. alexis said,

    yay! you’re back, I love reading your writing, you’re a true inspiration!

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