The Cabin

The Little Log Cabin sits on the edge of twenty of the Upper Hood River Valley’s glorious Oregon acres. It was built in 1904, and from the outside looks like a log cabin.

The inside is finished with drywall and painted wooden trim. Not much of the interior is original, although I suspect that underneath the carpeting lies old wood flooring.

It has a full partially finished basement, which currently houses a working bike shop, a laundry room and basically the only storage of the house (There are virtually no closets in the Cabin). The attic-style upstairs is accessed by a narrow, steep carpeted staircase. With 5’5″ ceilings, I am one of the only people I know who can fully stand up in the two upstairs rooms. They are two ajoined guest rooms and a partial office.

The Cabin has two tiny bedrooms, one of which is off of the living room. This is the one we use, as it is the biggest, even though it has no closets. It does have a sliding glass door that takes up one wall and offers a nice view of the outdoors. The other bedroom is off of the kitchen and is currently doorless as it is being used as an office for the many businesses run out of the Cabin.

The living room is a dual purpose dining area as well, with a large table in the corner. It is extremely cozy in here, with a wood stove and nicely tiled hearth. I recently picked up a radio/record player cabinet from the 60’s that works and is so retro–a very fun piece.

The Kitchen, where I spend a good bit of my time is all of 85 square feet. It is tiny, but efficient. The work triangle is tight, but I am fortunate enough to have a dishwasher and lots of cabinets. Countertop space is another story however! There are two counters, one on either side of the sink, and the top of the portable dishwasher that sits next to the stove. I have also placed a teak outdoor bar next to the fridge for addtional space; this unit also houses my cookbooks, KitchenAid stand mixer and food processor. A lot takes place in this small space, which is why it so frequently feels so messy.

The Little Log Cabin is small, but it works for two people. And two dogs and a cat.


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